Roses and Denim our new obsession

With the Spring vibe in the air, and flowers in bloom all around, we just can't resist the happy mood to inspire us! Roses on a bag... Kendall is one of our favorite, beautiful mix of luscious leather mixed with coated waxed denim and embellished with two roses, makes this a best seller and our retailers are already selling out !

We are wishing you all a beautiful Spring season with flowers and happy moments!


Mariana Goschin

Kendall Denim.jpg


Inspired by LA's famous Melrose Place, we decided to take a stroll and get our photo shoot done right there on the streets. Was so much fun, loved every moment and the team !!! 

We hope you will be enjoying the new Spring Summer 2017 collection that will be up soon!

Mariana Goschin

New Laggo Blog

This blog will inform people about the Laggo brand and our day to day activity.  We will be posting events that we are attending, stores where Laggo handbags can be found, new items, promotions and much more.  We are excited to start conversion with our customers through this blog.  Our goal is to get you closer to Laggo.